Samsung Tab Repairs

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Tablets have revolutionised the way we consume information, work, and entertain ourselves. These portable devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. However, like any electronic device and tablet needs repair, you can rely on our professional repair services functionality. When your beloved tablet needs repair, you can rely on our professional repair services. Our skilled technicians have the expertise and experience to diagnose and resolve a wide range of issues, ensuring your device is back in perfect condition in no time.

Why choose Meelie Mobile for a Repair?

Our team of technicians comprises highly skilled and certified professionals who specialise in tablet repairs. They have in-depth knowledge of various tablet models, allowing them to accurately diagnose problems and provide effective solutions. With their expertise, your device is in safe hands.

Whether your tablet has a cracked screen, battery issues, software glitches, charging port problems, or any other issue, we offer comprehensive repair solutions. Our technicians are well-versed in replacing screens, fixing charging ports, resolving software issues, and more. We use genuine Samsung parts to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

We understand that being without your tablet can be inconvenient. That’s why we offer timely repairs. Our technicians will efficiently diagnose and fix issues as quickly as possible, minimising your downtime. You can trust us to restore your tablet promptly so that you can get back to using it without unnecessary delay.

Whether your Samsung Galaxy Tab has a cracked screen, water damage, battery issues, software glitches, or any other problem, we offer comprehensive repair solutions. From screen replacements and battery replacements to software troubleshooting and hardware repairs, we have you covered.

We are committed to delivering the best-in-class repairs and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our technicians adhere to rigorous quality standards, using genuine parts and advanced techniques to restore your tablet a fully working state. Each repaired device undergoes thorough testing to guarantee optimal functionality before it is returned to you.

All our repairs come with a 12 month warranty a standard for added peace of mind.

How long with it take to repair my tablet?

A number of factors will affect how long a repair will take, this including the nature and complexity of the issue as well as availability of replacement parts. A repair can be completed in a matter of hours however more complex extensive repairs that require diagnostic testing, component replacements, or software troubleshooting can make the repair process longer. On average it takes 2-3 days from receiving your tablet to complete a repair. We don’t make guarantees we can’t stick to, however we do promise to keep you updated during each step of the process, so you’ll know exactly what is going on with your tablet repair.

Why should I repair my tablet?

Good for your pocket – Repairing your tablet is usually far more cost-effective than buying a new one. In some cases, a repair is not feasible or cost-effective. If your tablet is beyond economical repair, you may still be able to save money by buying a refurbished device from our Meelie store.

Good for the environment – Repairing a tablet reduces the carbon footprint associated with the device. The carbon emissions generated during the production, transportation, and disposal of a tablet contribute to climate change. Extending the life of your tablet through repair helps mitigate these emissions and prevents it from becoming e-waste.

How much will a tablet repair cost?

The cost of repairing your tablet will vary from model to model. Certain repairs such a new battery or screen replacement have a fixed price and you can see the price by selecting your device and the repair you require. In some cases where the fault is not clear our technicians will need to inspect your tablet and send you a quote for the repair. If you’re not sure what needs to be repair select one of our diagnostic options, we charge a diagnostic fee which will be deducted from the cost of any repair if you choose to accept the repair quote.

Can you recover my data from my tablet?

Due to strict data protection policies every device that we receive for repair will be factory reset and we are unable to recover any personal data from your tablet. We also need to do this to allow us to perform a full diagnostic and quality check on the device once a repair is completed. If you have a cloud-based backup service enabled, you can restore most of your data once you receive your repaired tablet back.

What should I do before I send my tablet for repair?

  • Back up your data: Ensure you back up your data before sending your device for repair. We are unable to recover any data from your tablet, all devices will be reset to factory settings during the repair process.
  • Rest or Remove security locks: Disabling security features like PIN, pattern lock, or fingerprint authentication so our technicians can access your tablet and test it fully. The easiest way to do this is to perform a full factory reset.
  • Remove your SIM card: Please remove your SIM card before you send your device to us. We cannot return SIM cards, any SIM cards received are securely destroyed. If you do accidently forget to remove your SIM card, please contact your network provider for a replacement.
  • Securely Package the tablet for shipping:
    Always package your device securely with adequate protection to avoid damage during transit. Use bubble wrap or similar and place your tablet inside a sturdy box. Even if it’s already broken don’t just pop it in a jiffy bag or standard envelope as this will not protect it from further damage.