Warranty Details

All device repairs come with a 12-month Meelie Repair Warranty.

The warranty is connected to an individual device, identified through its unique IMEI or Serial Number.

The warranty only covers the repair and any parts replaced during the repair. Additional faults will not be covered under the Warranty terms should they arise.

Conditions that sit outside the warranty include but might not be exclusive to the below:

  • Faults not related to the original repair
  • Customer Induced Damage
  • Liquid/Moisture Ingres
  • Screen Damage including Screen Burn deterioration
  • Cosmetic Damage
  • Jailbreak or any other unauthorised software manipulation
  • Software issues if the latest manufacturer software is not installed on the device
  • Software issues caused by any manufacturer updates if the manufacture has identified the issue
  • Any issue caused by any third-party apps
  • Devices that have been tampered with or opened/disassembled by an unauthorised repairer or service centre

Any of the above conditions may invalidate the warranty completely or preclude any further repairs to a device.

Making a Warranty Claim

To make a warranty claim please contact us by emailing at [[email protected]] and include your order reference and as detailed description of the issue as possible, providing photographs or screenshots where relevant.

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